How Does Archer Help You?

We selectively do business only with the best and most long standing firms offering DSTs. Not all DST sponsoring firms meet our requirements. Our Broker Dealer, Due Diligence Officer, outside consulting firms and our Founder, Leslie Pappas, review each property available on your behalf in order to provide you with an educated opinion regarding the value and relative potential of a given property. Of the properties usually available in the marketplace for investment at any one time, we typically approve only half for our clients’ review, and Leslie might actually recommend only 3-5 of those based on her own criteria and comfort level.

Whenever possible for single property offerings, Leslie personally visits each property, conducts a property tour and interviews staff. Right now, we are focusing on working to provide as much diversification as possible to our clients. The feedback we have gotten from Sponsors in the business is that they know of no other firm that physically inspects as many offerings for your investment as Archer does.

The properties available for investment change over time, as we learn of new projects coming to market and others selling out. About 1- 2 weeks before you complete your sale, we will discuss the properties that are available and appropriate for you, given your investment goals. We typically have our clients’ sales proceeds reinvested and potentially earning cash flow again within two weeks of their relinquished property close, well ahead of the 45 day 1031 exchange deadline.

When you choose to invest, we will send you a complete investor package for each investment you choose to investigate. These materials are called “Private Placement Memoranda” (PPMs), and are extremely comprehensive and detailed. Keep in mind that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is our regulatory body, and they have set up stringent guidelines intended to protect investors. You will be invited to webinars and conference calls to learn more about current offerings and Sponsors. Many of our clients join us for a 3 part, one day meeting in Los Angeles, where they meet three Sponsors and learn more about DST investments.

You may wish to travel with us to look over the properties and have a tour hosted by the property manager. Once you are satisfied with one or more investments, we will assist you in completing the necessary reservation documents, and manage the process of closing for you. We will also assist you as needed throughout the life of your investments, and hopefully act as your investment advisor for many years to come.


By Leslie Pappas, Founder and CEO