Want to Retire Wealthy? Learn More Tips Here

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When you understand the principles involved in how money works and grows, retiring wealthy is simply a matter of implementing those steps. However, in order for your money to grow so you can retire wealthy, you have to make sacrifices today, such as putting off your dream vacation or cutting the amount of times you eat out a week, so that you have the money to save and grow.

Archer Investors offers amazing commercial real estate investing opportunities through the use of 1031 Exchanges and DSTs (Delaware Statutory Trusts). These real estate investment strategies allow you to sell real estate and re-invest that money while avoiding capital gains taxes, saving you thousands of dollars. Through a DST, even a small investor can own shares in a large professionally managed commercial property as an owner of the trust. You receive all of the tax benefits, appreciation, cash flow income, and more as an owner. Below, we’ll examine a few more tips in order to help you retire wealthy. Contact our commercial property investment team today to get started!


Pinch Pennies

You can pinch pennies and earn dollars, but it won’t be necessarily fun or easy. First off, you’ll need a budget. Most people hate the word “budget” because they think it restricts them. Far from that, a budget will put a name to your dollars, offering you freedom over your money. You also don’t have to put a chokehold on your lifestyle. By making simple cuts on a daily basis and ensuring you save the money that you are cutting, you will be making progress towards your retirement goal. For instance, you can cut your eating out budget, cable TV, or you can bike to work. You can get rid of a gym membership by perhaps buying home workout equipment instead. You can clip coupons. There are many ways to pinch pennies to stock away in your retirement savings.

Look for Tax Breaks Everywhere

You undoubtedly know that taxes are high and that a significant part of your paycheck goes to taxes. Thus, you’ll want to do everything you can to minimize the amount of taxes that you pay so that you can take that money and invest it instead. You’ll want to maximize the use of retirement accounts where your money can grow tax-deferred, or retirement accounts where you can contribute pre-tax money so you avoid taxes when you withdraw it. By partnering with a great tax accountant, they can save you thousands of dollars as well since they know the tax code intimately. You can also take advantage of investments that offer tax shelters such as 1031 Exchanges and DSTs offered by our commercial property investment firm, Archer Investors.


By partnering with Archer Investors, we believe we provide an amazing investment opportunity for you. By owning a DST, you can earn income, add much needed diversification, and not have to worry about the property management aspect, such as finding tenants, collecting rent, and dealing with maintenance issues. Any income you earn is directly deposited into your account, and since it’s rental income, you can receive tax benefits from that as well.

Archer Investors has a constantly changing inventory of commercial property investments. We invite you to attend a free webinar and learn more. Contact us today!