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Property Types in Syndicated Real Estate

Syndicated real estate investing is found in many different types of properties with multiple subcategories. Each type of property has its benefits and drawbacks. Diversifying the types of property you buy is a terrific way to potentially reduce risk and maximize cash flow. 1. Residential property. Multifamily apartment is currently our favorite asset class. To… read more

What are the Potential Risks of DST Investments?

No investment is 100 percent risk-free, and DSTs are no different. We’ve witnessed hundreds of clients experience relief, elation, excitement, and a dramatically improved lifestyle after they’ve exchanged their traditional investments for TICs or DSTs, but they do so with full awareness of the attendant risks. We would be doing you a disservice if we… read more

What are the Potential Benefits of DST Investments

DST property has become increasingly popular among accredited 1031 exchange investors for its many benefits. Management Free Ownership: DST property eliminates the day-to-day hassles of property management, which allows free time to do the things that are more important to you. All the details of rent collection, leasing, maintenance, repairs and bookkeeping are handled by national… read more

How Equity & Capital Gains Are Different

Capital gains taxes and equity are two real estate concepts that are sometimes misunderstood. In short, capital gains refers to the increase in value of a property and equity refers to the amount of a property that you actually own as opposed to the amount you have financed. Cost Basis: When you purchase a property, you… read more

Important Facts You Need to Know About the 1031 Exchange

A tax deferred 1031 Exchange is a very structured process. The IRS provides specific and complete guidelines in their publication 544, which can be found on the IRS website. We also recommend you contact your tax advisor for details. If he or she has questions or concerns, we are here to assist you both and… read more

How To Calculate Annual Cash Flow

Here’s a handy form that we use to calculate our clients’ current cash flow and compare it to the potential of receiving a hypothetical 6% on average in a DST custom portfolio. By Leslie Pappas, Founder and CEO… read more

How Does Archer Help You?

We selectively do business only with the best and most long standing firms offering DSTs. Not all DST sponsoring firms meet our requirements. Our Broker Dealer, Due Diligence Officer, outside consulting firms and our Founder, Leslie Pappas, review each property available on your behalf in order to provide you with an educated opinion regarding the… read more

How a 1031 Exchange Can Build Equity

The example below shows you a hypothetical analysis of the cumulative effect of how an investor’s equity could potentially grow over time if they performed 1031 Exchanges every 5 years into new properties, and if they didn’t utilize 1031 Exchange at all. In the right column of this example, the investor pays capital gains taxes… read more

Who should consider a DST Investment?

Investors who are seeking to defer their capital gains tax but don’t want to be a landlord anymore Investors who are seeking potentially greater cash flow and possible appreciation return potential than they are currently receiving from their real estate investments. Note all investments, including real estate, carry the risk of loss in addition to… read more

What is a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST)?

DST Investments are a potential replacement property alternative for accredited investors seeking to defer their capital gains taxes through the use of a 1031 tax deferred exchange or through a straight cash investment. The DST property ownership structure allows the smaller investor to own shares of interest in large, institutional quality, professionally managed commercial property… read more