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6 Benefits of DST Properties

In our last blog post, we discussed the risks of 1031 Delaware Statutory Exchange (DST) Exchanges. While we specialize in DST property investments here at Archer, we would be remiss not to let everyone know what the potential risks are. It’s irresponsible to invest without doing your own due diligence, and we want to help… read more

4 Risks of DST Properties

At Archer Investors, we are a team of investment professionals who specialize in a very specific niche: helping property owners to move on from rental properties into more diversified institutional scale investments. Our founder, Leslie Papas, has helped countless people to profit from wise investments, and she has appeared on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and… read more

What You Need to Know About Late-Stage Net Lease Investments

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The late-stage real estate market can be a risky area to make investments. As supply begins to exceed demand in a hot market, investments that would normally be no-brainers run the risk of not generating adequate returns. For that reason, it’s important to watch the market like a hawk and consult with professional investment advisors… read more