Nothing is guaranteed, but I heartily recommend Leslie Pappas!

I seldom bother to read junk mail, but something about Leslie’s mailing caught my attention and I found that it wasn’t just another highpressure over-promising sales pitch. It was a concise description of where I just happened to be at the time and where I had wanted to go for a few years… with the crucial part being how to get there.

One long phone call later, I was convinced that Leslie had the knowledge, experience, and connections to exchange the property I had owned and managed for over 20 years into something more passive but with roughly the same rate of return. That was a real win for me since I am very hands-on but was getting burned out on the cycle of rent/remove/renovate.

Leslie handled both the sale of my old property and investment into new properties through qualified 1031 exchanges. Some of my questions and concerns required visits or conference calls with those who knew or could find the answers. I was never made to feel like my questions were a bother or asked to sign something I didn’t understand. She “hit all her marks” in terms of sale price and investment returns, demonstrating her knowledge of the marketplace!

I am now diversified in both geography and markets, paid no capital gains tax even though I made more on gains than rent for two decades, netting the same income, and very happy not to be getting calls from those tenants. She even found a place to park part of a rainy-day fund that was gathering mold in a money market account at 6x the yield. Nothing is guaranteed, but I heartily recommend Leslie Pappas and will use her services for my future investment needs.


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